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Who is SoundsHawaiian?

SoundsHawaiian is dedicated to gathering, archiving, and sharing the ancient natural voices of the `Aina, the Land- to enhance awareness of the unique place of Hawai`i in the panoply of life on the Earth.

This website presents samples of the sounds of Hawaiian birds, mammals, insects and biophonies or soundscapes, as well as providing a means of sharing these sounds with you the listener.
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CD Cover Ka Wai wai O Kaua`i Wai Ola

"Water is Life" - a Mauka-to-Makai aural journey from the highest reaches of the Alaka`i to the sea and beyond
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Recent Sound Capture (headphones recommended)

Humpbacks off SW Kaua`i

The iconic Kohola, Hawaiian Humpback, mother and calf and others, recorded with hydrophones suspended from the Blue Dolphin catamaran, March 2015.


Photos of Birds are by Ornithologist Hadoram Shirihai, unless otherwise noted. They are not available for purchase but may be used, by prior arrangement, for education or conservation. The images are chosen to evoke the character of the bird, as well as to provide a "search image" for the hopeful birder.

Aloha from Kaua'i!

For further info on Kaua`i Birds and SoundsHawaiian, please email

Endemic and Specialty Birds of Hawaii
E=Endemic; Es=Endemic Subspecies

`Ua`u / Hawaiian Petrel Pterodroma sandwichensis E
`A`o / Newell’s Shearwater Puffinus auricullaris newelli Es
Nene / Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis E
Koloa maoli / Hawaiian Duck Anas wyvilliana E
Pueo / Hawaiian owl Asio flammeus sand. Es
`Io / Hawaiian Hawk Buteo solitarius E
`Alae ke`oke`o / Hwn. Moorhen Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis Es
`Alae `ula / Hawaiian Coot Fulica alai E
`A`eo/Hawaiian Stilt Himantopus mexicanus knudseni Es
`Oma`o/Hawaiian Thrush Myadestes obscurus E
Puaiohi/Small Kauai Thrush Myadestes palmeri E
Hawai`i Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis s. E
Oahu Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis gayi E
Kaua`i Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis sclateri E
`Alala/Hawaiian Crow Corvus hawaiiensis E
Palila Loxioides bailleui E
Kiwikiu/Maui Parrotbill Pseudonestor xanthophrys E
Hawai`i Amakihi Hemignathus virens E
Oahu `Amakihi Hemignathus flavus E
Kaua`i `Amakihi Hemignathus kauaiensis E
`Anianiau Hemignathus parvus E
Nukupu`u Hemignathus lucidus E
`Akiapola`au Hemignathus munroi E
`Akikiki Oreomystis bairdi E
Hawaii Creeper Oreomystis mana E
Maui `Alauahio/Maui Creeper Paroreomyza montana E
`Akeke`e/Kauai Akepa Loxops caeruleirostris E
`Akepa Loxops coccineus E
`I`iwi Vestiaria coccinea E
`Akohekohe Palmeria dolei E
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