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Who is SoundsHawaiian?

Who Is SoundsHawaiian?

My passion for recording natural sounds arises from more than 30 years experience as a guide to birds, wildlife, and wilderness, in the Americas and since 1989 in Hawai`i and the Pacific. I have been recording natural sounds in the Islands since the mid-'90's, and have amassed a wealth of aural records of Hawai'i's many unique native forms of life. My dual approach to capturing natural sounds includes recording individual creatures and, more broadly, the fantastic and beautiful heritage soundscapes of the Hawai`i Archipelago. While I have long held that my visual sense is primary and my aural sense secondary, my explorations into deeper and more refined listening have greatly enhanced my experience of awareness of the natural world. I hope to contribute to the expansion of our "hemispheres of awareness" that we all carry around with us.
(...and that's our big dog Lonzo)

Mahalo nui loa,
David Kuhn